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DOCTRONICS electronics construction kits are carefully designed for use in schools. Each kit is supplied with detailed instructions and an outline explanation of how the circuit works, together with a professionally produced printed circuit board and all the electronic components needed. Most projects are supported by development/practical work in Design Electronics, the free access on-line electronics textbook.

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Kits available . . .

Safety lights Electronic dice
Biscuit tin alarm Light Chaser
Chuckles Games timer

You can purchase any of these kits from the DOCTRONICS address by printing out and completing the kits ORDER FORM... In the UK we are happy to invoice against an official purchase order. Individual orders should be prepaid.


Cyclists and pedestrians need to be seen. The safety lights project flashes superbright red LEDs 10 times each second giving a high visibility display. Students taking Design and Technology courses will want to design their own acrylic or vacuum formed case.

safety lights pcb

This project is developed as a Design Example in the book 'Discovering Electronics with crocodile clips ', also available from DOCTRONICS.

Item Price each 10 pack
Safety lights construction kit 3.20 31.50
Safety lights printed circuit board 1.50 14.50
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Someone is stealing the biscuits! This project will detect the biscuit thief the moment the tin is opened. The circuit provides a delay of around 10 seconds when the power supply is first connected during which the circuit can be placed in the tin. After this, if the LDR is exposed to light the alarm is triggered and remains ON, producing a penetrating high pitched sound until the power is disconnected.

biscuit tin alarm pcb

The development of this project is explained with detailed instructions for practical work in Design Electronics.

Item Price each 10 pack
Biscuit tin alarm construction kit 4.50 44.50
Biscuit tin alarm printed circuit board 1.80 17.50
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'Chuckles' is an electronic circuit which makes a silly noise. When you hear the noise, you will understand the name. The circuit includes a SLOW astable and a FAST astable. The frequency of each astable is controlled by an LDR. The astables interact so that when either LDR is covered, the frequency changes . . .

chuckles pcb

In Design and Technology, you can use 'Chuckles' for other projects, for example as part of a child's toy. Find out more about the circuit by clicking this Chuckles link.

Item Price each 10 pack
'Chuckles' construction kit 5.50 54.50
'Chuckles' printed circuit board 1.80 17.50
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dot matrix die

The development of this project is described in detail in the DOCTRONICS book Discovering Electronics Projects, publication September 2000.

The construction kit contains the printed circuit board and all the electronic components needed to build the dot matrix die. Everything fits on the printed circuit board and, with the exception of the battery leads, there are no trailing wires.

Item Price each 10 pack
'Matrix die' construction kit 7.50 74.50
'Matrix die' printed circuit board 2.00 19.50
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The DOCTRONICS light chaser illuminates six LEDs in a pattern which chases from left to right and back again. Adjust the rate to give a lazy side to side motion or a frenetic bouncing pattern. Outputs from the main chaser printed circuit board are used to control letter boards. Design your own letters or symbols on a 5x5 matrix to create your own eye-catching display.

light chaser and letter boards

Item Price each 10 pack
'Light Chaser' construction kit 6.00 59.50
'Light Chaser' printed circuit board 2.00 19.50
'Letter Boards' sold in packs of 6 4.80 47.50
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How often have you fallen asleep waiting for Granny to take her turn at Scrabble? (To be fair, most grannies are pretty smart, so it may be she who falls asleep waiting for you.) The brief for designing the Games Timer was to develop an electronic replacement for the sand timer which could provide timed intervals up to three minutes, a visible indication of how much time was left, an audible indication at the end of the timed period, and which could be instantly reset. The Games Timer solves all of these problems. The development of the circuit is described in detail as part of Design Electronics and is also included in the DOCTRONICS book Discovering Electronics Projects.

games timer pcb

The Games Timer is an extended project suitable as a GCSE Electronics Products or GCSE Electronics project. If you follow through the practical work, you will develop a good understanding of the process of developing an electronic circuit. The reasons for choosing particular components and subsytems are clearly explained.

Item Price each 10 pack
'Games Timer' construction kit 9.50 94.50
'Games Timer' printed circuit board 3.00 29.50
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